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AHE NYC | World Tuition Fees

Full-Time Course
  • Two-year course
  • Two years to completion and certification readiness 
  • Includes all academic, clinical and health sciences
  • The only full-time pathway to certification in the US
  • Total cost includes all academic, clinical and health sciences
  • Total cost: $20,000
Part-Time Course
  • Four-year course
  • Academic equivalent to the full-time course, but with more flexibility
  • Four years to complete academic training
  • Clinic can be completed during those four years, or extended as needed
  • Total cost of completing part-time studies includes all additional clinical and health sciences
  • Total cost: $20,000
Health Sciences
  • 96 hours of anatomy, physiology and pathology
  • Exceeds the certification requirements as set forth by the CCH
  • Cost of health sciences is included in the full-time tuition
  • Total cost: $1,600
Clinic Packages
  • Each clinic day counts for 8 hours towards certification
  • Clinic packages can be purchased in various increments: $800 for 5 days, $1500 for 10 days, or $2100 for 15 days
  • Supplemental clinical training is available to non-matriculated students and practitioners
  • Cost:$800-$2,100/pkg

*Full-time tuition covers ALL academic and clinical training.

*Part-time students receive 50% of their clinical training during their four-years and will need approximately 26 clinic days to complete their 500 hours.

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