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Denise Straiges

President and Clinical Director | CCH, RSHom(NA), PC

Denise Straiges served as Executive Director and Head of Clinical Affairs for the Centre for Homeopathic Education, NYC, bringing together the team and program that is now: The Academy of Homeopathy Education NYC | World. As Executive Director of CHE NYC, Denise expanded the professional programming to include a two-year, full-time course, the only one of its kind in the United States. She is fiercely committed to raising the bar in academic and clinical training for all homeopaths around the world. 

In addition to the bustling, low-cost clinic run by the school, Denise founded a not-for-profit/charity for the homeless, addicted and underserved populations. She successfully forged a partnership with a major medical institution in NYC and currently practices with and teaches doctors and medical residents in Classical Homeopathy and Clinical Applications.

Denise has developed and implemented a fully-integrated clinical training model designed to address the broad landscape of clinical education and prepare students for the rigors of practice. With an emphasis on long-term case management, students are expected to critically think beyond the one-remedy miracle to fully explore the unfolding of chronic disease and the therapeutic relationship. The program is built around peer review, mentorship, practice building and business management.

Denise is a core faculty member of AHE NYC | World’s foundation studies and post-graduate/professional development programs. She lectures internationally in Homeopathy, Integrative Wellness and Spirituality in Medicine. She has taught for numerous schools of holistic wellness in the US and abroad.

Her love of homeopathy and insatiable appetite for learning have led to deep exploration of the art and science of our craft as well as parallel study into the philosophies and practice of alchemy, yoga, meditation and the myriad ways in which our lifestyle choices affect our mind, body and spirit.

In addition to an extensive private practice, Denise mentors homeopathy students, leads retreats and workshops and writes/lectures on sustainable healthcare and spirituality in medicine. With national certification in Classical Homeopathy by the Council for Homeopathic Certification (CCH), Denise is also a registered member of the North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH) and served as the Executive Director of the Minnesota Homeopathic Association. Denise’s homeopathy training includes foundation studies at The School of Homeopathy New York and Devon, England, graduation from the Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy in Minneapolis, Minnesota and the Dynamis School of Graduate Studies in Homeopathy. Her insatiable appetite for learning has led to study with some of Homeopathy’s most prominent contemporary teachers and researchers from the US, UK, Europe and India. Whether working one-on-one with clients, supervising professional students, or speaking to groups large and small, Denise’s passionate and multi-dimensional perspectives captivate and motivate people toward positive change.

Alastair Gray

Director of Program Development, Learning Technologies, Compliance and Operations | MSc (UK), BAHons, ADH, DSH, PCH, PCHom

Alastair Gray teaches at and heads up course development and e-learning at AHE. He has lectured under and post-graduate CM, homeopathy and naturopathy for 18 years, including philosophy, case taking and management, ethics, business practices and scope of practice. A regular seminar and conference presenter worldwide he is the author of 22 books and numerous articles on primary research in natural medicine. He is passionate about e-learning and educational technology in his academic and teaching work. Clinical practice (25 years) remains a significant focus. He is enrolled in a PhD at the University of Technology Sydney exploring the intersection of Education, CM and learning technologies.

Alastair Gray holds various consulting roles: Academic (Endeavour College of Natural Health, Australia, Centre of Homeopathic Education (CHE), New York) Educational (Portland Centre of Integrative Medicine, UK) Management (Director Operations College of Health and Homeopathy (College of Natural Health and Homeopath NZ), as well as consulting to organisations on homeopathic provings and e-learning. Prior, he headed up the homeopathy department at Endeavour College of Natural Health, and was the National Academic e-learning Manager.

AHE continually invites new guest lecturers and keeps a revolving faculty, providing students with multiple perspectives on the world of homeopathic medicine.


Adjunct Faculty

Johanna Antar

Laura Josephson

Polly Millet

Sarah Weis


Support Team

Carli Auer

Andria Hagstrom

Premi Sivanesan

Sam Warkov


Tina Quirk

Dean of Students, Director Academic Services, Registrar | RN, MS, CCH, RSHom (NA)

Homeopathy practitioner, teacher and writer living in New York City. Specialty: “Rapid, permanent and gentle restoration of health” for all ages. Project Manager for Homeopathy for Health in Africa, a charitable project treating HIV/AIDS in Tanzania. Dean of Academic Affairs, Centre for Homeopathic Education NYC (CHE NYC), affiliated with Middlesex University, London. Board of Directors, National Center for Homeopathy. Study Manager, Research Study, HHA. Project Manager, Jeremy Sherr/Dynamis School of Advanced Homeopathy. Liaison in Research, National Center for Homeopathy. Author and editor of numerous articles and books with Jeremy Sherr. Education: Foundation Certificate, The Homeopathy School Devon UK. PCH Dynamis School for Advanced Homeopathy. BS (Nursing) St. Anselm College, Manchester NH. MS Boston University, Boston MA. Registered Nurse, New York State.

Ann Jerome

Director of Learning and Teaching, Academic Governance and Pathways | PhD, CCH, RSHom (NA)

A member of the core team that created AHE, Ann brings a deep academic background to the school. In 1999 she founded the Academy of Classical Homeopathy, which merged with CHE-NYC in 2016 to create the robust and diversified school that is AHE. Ann led ACH for most of two decades as its director and core faculty, perfecting its curriculum first in a part-time weekend format and then in weekly live online evening classes. One of the most academically distinguished educators in the field of homeopathy, Ann earned her B.A. at Yale University and M.A. and Ph.D. in American Civilization at Brown University. After a twenty-year career as a college professor, department chair, and program chair, she turned her talents toward homeopathy when she saw her children’s health turn around under a homeopath’s care. She became nationally certified in 1999 and has served the profession as chair of a two-year Council for Homeopathic Certification task force project to revise the certification examination, as a board member of the National Center for Homeopathy, and for six years as the NCH’s President. An accomplished writer and editor, Ann has authored numerous articles for Homeopathy Today and other publications in the field and serves as editor for books published by Similia Press, which she also owns and directs. Ann’s specialties in teaching homeopathy include homeopathic philosophy and miasmatic case analysis, as well as mentoring students through the challenges and transformations along the way to becoming a homeopath.

Veronica Wolf

Manager of Clinical Services & Student Support, Financial & Admissions Assistant


Veronica is a graduate of the full-time homeopathy program at AHE NYC | World. She has years of experience managing alternative health care clinics and private practices. She has a strong passion for the healing arts and has worked as a massage therapist, yoga instructor, and Pilates teacher. She received her bachelor’s degree in Arts with an emphasis in Psychology and Art Therapy from Western Michigan University. Veronica runs her own private practice and is now completely immersed in the lifelong study of homeopathy.