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It is an exciting time in the evolution of the American healthcare system. Integrative Wellness practitioners are in higher demand than ever and Certified Homeopathic Practitioners are taking their place in one of the fastest growing segments of the economy. 

AHE NYC | World recognizes the importance of meeting community-accepted standards for educating professional homeopaths and are committed to excellence in programming and peer review as a means to evaluating our program. We utilize the latest blended learning theory to engage students in meaningful, applicable and stimulating process honoring the ancient healing principles in a modern educational format.

Our ACHENA candidate program satisfies all the requirements needed for the national certification exam with an emphasis on evidence-informed practices that are absolutely necessary in today’s changing world of wellness.

AHE NYC | World is in full support of national accreditation and is committed to raising the bar in homeopathy education through rigorous academics and the most comprehensive, in-depth clinical education in the US–and to make that education available and accessible to serious students far and wide.

The Academy of Homeopathy Education, AHE NYC | World, has been accepted since 2016 as a candidate school for accreditation by the Accreditation Commission for Homeopathic Education in North America. The Academy of Homeopathy Education has demonstrated that it has met all requirements and its curriculum is consistent with ACHENA educational standards.  AHE is now actively engaged in self-study and preparation for a peer review site visit. While the Academy of Homeopathy Education cannot guarantee that the school will be accredited, the Academy of Homeopathy Education is actively pursuing accreditation and our program is consistent with and exceeds ACHENA standards. Updates to The Academy of Homeopathy Education’s status with ACHENA can be found on the ACHENA website at: http://achena.org/stakeholders/for-students/. As AHE NYC is a Candidate for Accreditation through ACHENA. This means that graduates from AHE NYC are eligible to apply to the CHC.

Other schools of homeopathy have set up their own “validation” and “diploma granting”. Please be advised the CHC has announced, that as of January, 2018, only students who have graduated from an ACHENA-accredited school will be eligible to sit for the CHC national certification exam.