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03/30/20 Clinic

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Time: 10AM-6:30pm EST
Location: Alastair's Zoom room: 465-929-0816
Once the client is set up, you will head to the clinic room (276-721-3152) for the case taking, then regroup in the facilitator's room afterward.

Yes: 21

No: 0

NameRSVP Status
Regina Allen Yes
Janiece Bates Yes
Cindy Bloom Yes
Megan Burdick Yes
Monisha Chakrobortty Yes
Molly Erlinger Yes
Emma Jo Grant Yes
Bobbie Gribble Yes
Laura Held Yes
Rachel Koppelman Yes
Sherry Mcanelly Yes
Jennifer McDonald Yes
Jessica Morales Yes
Randy Morales Yes
Amanda Ridout Yes
Tamara Rossman Yes
Robyn Runyan Yes
Meg Smith Yes
Corrie Stuck Yes
Danielle Tsikvashvili Yes
Andrea Vijverberg Yes